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What We Do

The Global Market, the next opportunity to increased growth

Expanding on or entering the global market is your company’s next step to growth. It’s an exciting market with great potential for organizations with a strong commitment to excellence and service.

Steps to success

You need to be prepared to make the appropriate adjustments how you promote your products and to what you’re offering. You need to understand the different ways of doing business and closing deals. You need to set up distribution chains, find local representatives, establish payment methods, etc.

We have a proven way to acquire the specific knowledge and experience you need. We’ve been in the field of international trade for 40 plus years with experience of more than 100 countries. Having already assisted small companies and guided large companies in their ventures, and coached export-oriented municipalities, we are well equipped to assist you in your ventures.


EXPORT MASTER® is a program for those who wish to rapidly improve their export and global business skills.

The key to success in international business is possessing the understanding and knowledge of market customs and business cultures. Even those with export experience need a continuous flow of new ideas and information to succeed in a strong international market. Of course, hands on experience can only be obtained by doing business in the different markets. However, knowledge and information about other companies’ experiences. can be gained by meeting with other exporting companies and individuals who work internationally.

EXPORT MASTER® assists your company in expanding internationally. A prerequisite to success in exporting is that everyone in the company understands what is required of them. Strong team-work among staff and departments is also essential.

Our program includes a combination of education, training, practical work and advice, to develop individuals and groups within the company into a more knowledge and active team. We work with all staff members ranging from the president and chairman of the board, to those involved in marketing, finance and shipping.

EXPORT MASTER® combines practical education with training in exporting on all levels. We have assisted hundreds of companies to become established in foreign markets. We have trained more than 5000 individuals

  • We discuss and cover every aspect of a company, with examples of success stories and failures
  • We show you how to do business in different markets
  • We use examples from your own company, so that you and your fellow workers will feel “at home” solving exporting issues
  • We stimulate and guide your organization to produce better marketing and sales materials
  • We lead you in developing a better understanding of the global business
  • We help you achieve a better relationship with your foreign representatives and business partners
  • We teach you how you can increase the profitability of your company with a different choice of distribution channel and better knowledge about the market.
  • We cover topics from “Why Export?” to “Activating and selecting your foreign representatives.”

Look at our individual programs or contact us to discuss how we can tailor-make a program for you. We conduct seminars in English and Swedish

Read our book

Export & Import – Winning in the Global Marketplace: A practical hands-on guide to success in international business, with 100s of real-world examples + exercises, ISBN 9780968114810. You will find links to stores on our website  Order a copy today.  We promise that after reading the book, you will have a good base for the upcoming seminars/workshops.

Leif Holmvall
Export Pro Inc. Canada