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Consulting for European Companies

Abstracta Systems Inc., Sweden and CanadaCanadaEstablishing company in Canada. Board member.
Albihn West SwedenCanadaSearch and evaluate possible partners in Canada
Alentec Orion AB, SwedenCanada and USAArranging distribution in Canada and USA for Lubrication Equipment.
Alentec Orion AB, SwedenGermany and ItalyDatabase search for distributors in Germany and Italy.
Alentec Orion AB, SwedenUSASearch for industrial suppliers in North America
Alsident Aps, DenmarkCanada and USAArranging distribution in Canada and USA for Fume Extraction Equipment.
Arpre’ Oy, FinlandCanadaArranging distribution in Canada for Lubrication Equipment
Assista AB, SwedenCanadaStudy and negotiations on materials handling equipment, Canada.
Atlas Copco C&M Export. SwedenWorldwideMarket Survey on-line Databases.
Atlas Copco Compressor International. BelgiumWorldwideMarket research by using Online Databases
Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Equipment. SwedenWorldwideMarket Survey using on-line Databases.
Atlas Copco Surface Drilling. GermanyWorldwideDatabase search worldwide.
Binär Elekronik AB. SwedenCanadaConsultation for establishment of business in Canada.
Boliden Contech. SwedenCanadaMarket study, Canada – mining and construction equipment.
Brio Sweden AB. SwedenCanadaBoard member in Canada
CD Fakta. SwedenCanadaSearch for Licensing partner in North America
Cementa AB, SwedenCanadaSurvey of the Canadian Building and Construction market.
C.Fr. Waern & Co. SwedenCanadaDistribution of industrial equipment in Canada.
AB Axel Christiernsson. SwedenCanada and USAMarket research: Market and Distribution of Lubricants in Canada and USA.
Conplan InternationalCanadaDistribution of hunting equipment in Canada.
Dala Export AB. SwedenCanadaArranging distribution in the hardware and interior design market.
Demanders Verktygsfabrik. SwedenCanadaDistribution of metalworking equipment in Canada.
Dolomite AB. SwedenCanada and USADistribution of aids for handicapped in Canada.
Dolomite ABJapanMarket research and distribution of walkers  Japan
Ejvo Mekaniska. SwedenCanadaDistribution of metalworking equipment in Canada.
Ericsson Cable. SwedenWorldwideDatabase search on submarine cabling.
Ericsson Radio System AB. SwedenCanadaCheck of regulations on communication equipment.
Enco Miljo-Etac. SwedenCanada and USADistribution of aids for handicapped in Canada and USA.
Erres AB. SwedenCanadaDistribution of boat and leisure equipment in Canada
Expo Media. SwedenCanadaMarket survey of exhibitions in Canada.
Hennix International SwedenCanadaSearch for Joint Venture partner in Canada.
Holmhed System AB. SwedenUSAMarket study: Construction Equipment market in USA.
HP- Silvent SwedenCanada and USAArranging distribution of industrial equipment in USA.
IHM Förlag, SwedenSwedenAuthor of book in Swedish – Sälja på Export. A book on how to do International Business
Ilmeg Systems. SwedenCanada and USAArranging distribution in Canada and USA for Mining and Construction equipment
IMA. SwedenCanadaArranging distribution of metalworking machinery in Canada.
Industrifilter A/S  DenmarkCanada and USAArranging distribution for fume extraction equipment in Canada and USA.
Industrifonden. SwedenCanada and USAPre-study sales of high tech instruments in Canada and USA.
Industrifonden. SwedenCanadaCommercial advice on contract between Canadian and Swedish Companies.
Infrarödteknik AB SwedenWorldwideDatabase search on competition and industry
Isoterm AS. NorwayCanadaPre-study for heating equipment/water pipes in Canada
K-Konsult  SwedenCanadaMisc: market surveys in the energy field as well as establishing company in Canada.
Klas Helsing AB SwedenWorldwideDatabase searches for large Swedish company in the forest industry
LIBER Förlag SwedenSwedenAuthor of the books “Praktisk Export”, “Internationell Ekonomi”, “Export och Import”, All about international economy and international business
LKAB International. SwedenCanadaAdvising in establishment and restructuring of company in Canada. Studies of the Steel industry.
Malmfältens Försäljn.AB. SwedenCanadaArranging meeting with potential clients and distributors in Canada for Mining and Construction Equipment
Mattson Produkter AB. SwedenCanadaArranging meeting with potential clients and distributors in Canada for Mining and Construction Equipment.
Mecman Pneumatics AB. SwedenCanadaMarket survey, Canadian Construction market
Modigs Mekaniska. SwedenCanadaArranging distribution of metal working equipment in Canada.
NCC AB. SwedenWorldwideSearch for international construction projects and clients.
NCC AB. SwedenWorldwideReport and analysis of distribution of specialty products.
Nobo Stjordal A/S. NorwayCanadaArranging for CSA electric approval.
Nobo Stjordal A/S. NorwayCanadaMarket survey of the heating market in Canada.
Olofsfors AB. SwedenCanadaConsulting as to bankruptcy of Canadian client. Arranging distribution in the construction industry.
Olofsfors AB. SwedenWorldwideMarket survey for forestry and highway equipment.
Olofsfors AB. SwedenCanada and USAEstablishing of distribution of Construction and Forestry equipment in Canada and USA.
Olofsfors AB. SwedenWorldwideData search on patents worldwide.
Pelly System AB. SwedenCanadaMarket survey for products in the Hardware market.
Plan & Montasje. NorwayCanadaMarket study for products in the building and construction field.
Procordia Service. SwedenCanadaAdvising in joint venture in Canada.
Progas A/S. NorwayCanadaMarket study in the energy field.
RFSU Rehab. SwedenCanadaMarket study and arranging distribution for products for disabled persons. Canada
SAAB Scania AB. SwedenCanadaStudy and advising in establishment of car division in Canada.
Salota Tidsystem. SwedenCanada and USAArranging distribution for electronic equipment in Canada and USA.
Servator Inc. CanadaCanadaManaging subsidiary in Canada.
Servator AB. SwedenCanadaSetting up distribution of leisure products in Canada.
Silvent AB. SwedenGreece and PortugalDatabase search for distributors in Greece and Portugal.
Silvent AB. SwedenGreat BritainDatabase search for distributors in Great Britain.
Sira Konsult. SwedenEuropeDatabase search in Europe.
Sikla Industrifastigheter (Atlas Copco). SwedenNorth AmericaData search on Consultants in North America.
Sjöbergs AB. SwedenCanadaArranging distribution for hardware products in Canada.
SKF Steel, SwedenCanadaArranging exhibition, press activities and seminars in Canada.
Stanco AB SwedenCanadaAdvising on legal questions in Canada
Storebro Bruk SwedenCanadaArranging distribution for metal working equipment in Canada
Swedcon AB. SwedenCanadaSurvey of the Canadian Construction market
Swedcon AB. SwedenCanadaSurvey of the Canadian market for wood products.
Swedish Development Consulting Partners AB. SwedenDeveloping marketsDatabase search on specific information for investments in developing countries.
Swedish Rolls AB. SwedenCanada and USAInvestigation of ssports advertising market in North America.
Swedish Trade Council. SwedenCanadaWriting two books: “Establishing a business in Canada.” “Business opportunities in Canada, Today and in the future.
Tech’soft. FranceUSAArranging meetings with potential distributors and clients in USA.
TeknoTerm. SwedenCanadaDatabase search in Canada.
Thermopanel AB. SwedenCanadaFirst study on the Canadian heating market
Tilar AB SwedenCanadaArranging distribution of metal working equipment in Canada.
Volvo Truck Corp. SwedenUSAStudy of the Canadian truck market.
Weda Pump. SwedenCanadaSearch for distributor in Canada.
Westerholm & Co. SwedenEuropeSearch for North American products and negotiating for import to Europe.
Wiberg Shipping AB. SwedenCanadaEstablishing subsidiary in Canada