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Seminars and workshops for Municipalities and Governments

Arbetsmarknadsverket Ministry of Labour in SwedenSwedenEducation in international business.
BNC, Bollnäs
Näringslivscenter. Sweden
North AmericaConducting seminar on Doing Business in North America.
Bollnäs Kommun SwedenWorldwideResearch project how to attract population and industry and to how to make local business more international
Bollnäs Närignslivscenter, SwedenWorldwideProject to take local industry international
Canadian Government: Industry, Science & TechnologyCanadaConducting seminars on exporting for selected companies in Ontario
Hudiksvalls KommunWorldwideProject with seminars and workshops to take 9 companies international
HNA, Hudiksvalls Näringslivs AB. SwedenNorth AmericaConducting seminar on “Doing business in North America.”
HNA Hudiksvalls Näringlivs AB SwedenSwedenSeminars and workshops on how to make town more active and to activate the local industry
Kaliningrad International Business School. + European union BelarusInternationalBasics in Exporting. Attendees:  Professional local business people and professors of the University.
Nordanstig Municipality. SwedenInternationalSeminars and workshops on making municipalities international
Ontario Provincial Government. CanadaInternationalConducting seminars on exporting for selected companies.

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