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What we can do for you

  • What we offer and why it works

Hands-on assistance for companies and individuals.

  • We take you international based on your goals.
    • A prerequisite to success in exporting is that everyone in the company understands what is required of them. Strong team-work among staff and departments is also essential.
    • Assisting any company expanding into international markets. That includes everything from teaching and consulting to find you partners overseas whether it is a foreign distributor, joint venture partner and licensing or sourcing technology, products and services overseas. We assist you to make sure you get paid by your foreign partner.
    • We help you to find and activate foreign partners.
    • We assist companies incorporating a business in Canada and overseas
    • Consulting with foreign companies establishing businesses in Canada and USA, e.g., through distributors, licensing, joint ventures or subsidiaries. Some of former clients are the largest corporations in Europe like SAAB, Volvo, LKAB, Boliden, although the major of the clients were small and medium-sized companies.
    • Supporting foreign companies in ongoing activities on the North American market by activating their distribution channels and working as a liaison between foreign companies and their local contacts including managing their North American operations.
    • Acting as On-Site Management for foreign companies at their business establishments, for the reorganization of North American companies or Canadian/U.S. companies for their European operations.
    • Advising companies to start and activate successful export/international businesses
    • We work as board members, mentors and coach and advisory boards.
    • Hands-on straight trading, e.g., sourcing products, finding purchasers locally or in foreign countries.
    • You can hire us for a special project or we can be your remote export manager to hire. Available when you and your staff need us

For Government, municipalities and organizations

  • We assist municipalities and provinces to attract foreign companies and make them more international 
    • We carry out international projects including projects for the Europen Union, training business in international business and take a group of companies international

Teaching, seminars and workshops for companies, Universities and Business Schools

  • Delivering expert seminars on international business topics. In Europe and North America both for companies, executives, and schools anywhere in the  world
    • Supplying teaching packages for business schools and universities anywhere in the world.
  • How we do it.
    • Our program includes a combination of education, training, practical work and advice, to develop individuals and groups within the company into a more knowledgeable and active team.
    • We work with all staff members ranging from the president and chairman of the board to those involved in marketing, finance, and shipping.
    • We believe in working with you. Letting you do the job with our guidance and mentoring. We strongly believe to transfer our knowledge and experience to you so you in the future can do everything on your own. See as a co-pilot. We teach you, guide you and mentor you until you fly on your own.
    • We will even be there in the future if and when you need some help and advice
    • We discuss and cover every aspect of a company, with examples of success stories and failures
    • We show and teach you how to do business in different markets
    • We use examples from your own company so that you and your fellow workers will feel “at home” solving exporting issues
    • We stimulate and guide your organization to produce better marketing and sales materials
    • We lead you to develop a better understanding of the global business
    • We help you achieve a better relationship with your foreign representatives and business partners
    • We teach you how you can increase the profitability of your company with a different choice of distribution channel and better knowledge about the market.
    • We cover topics from “Why Export?” to “Activating and selecting your foreign  representatives
  • Sample reference list, what we have done.
  • See samples reference list

As a first step, you can start by viewing our video seminars.  You can also buy our book for less than $10 as an e-book visit e.g. You can read part of the book. Of course, the book is sold over the world, here is where to buy the book.