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For those who want to fail in their exporting activities

  1. Leave everything unplanned or base your decision on getting a free trip abroad, wanting to get rid of excess inventory or that you read in the newspaper Poland is an interesting market. 
  2. Make sure the product is not tested at home so that your technical problems occur far away. Make sure the product is not adapted to your overseas country’s laws and to clients’ preferences.
  3. Decide that export as an investment that will bring immediate profit, that it requires no commitments, and takes no time or money. You want your money back immediately, otherwise skip it.
  4. You don’t want to, or feel that you need to change your organization. Those export activities can, without doubt, be taken care of by one of the local salesmen.
  5. Don’t even bother learning their language. If they want to do business with you, they will have to learn yours. 
  6. Just tell your foreign representative, “This is the way we sell at home and those are the prices we use. That is the way you should sell too, furthermore, use your domestic price list, in your local currency. Don’t even think of learning about the local customs and how they do business and make sure you don’t listen to them.
  7. Select an export market based on what you read in the newspapers and what you hear from people whom you meet. What the market price is in the new country is of no interest to you.
  8. Topics like customs duties, distribution margins and discount is of no interest either if the distributor has to pay freight and make money that is his headache.

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Leif Holmvall
Export Pro Inc. Canada,