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Is this the time to change the way we teach international business

The lockdown of conventional teaching because of the recent crisis, coronavirus, is perhaps a sign that we will have to teach differently way in the future.

 To succeed in international business, the key is understanding foreign cultures and how to conduct business there.

 We also must let the students carry out real launches on foreign markets. To prepare plans only on launching a product or service overseas, does only let the students prepare a plan not to carry out the activity,

 More than 5000 students in Europe have participated in our courses and workshops and carried out real launches of products and services worldwide. (Yes, we are a Canadian company, but we found limited interest in North America for practical hands-on teaching.) You can learn more about the course online and how-to at

You can also see short video presentations of the topics at:

 The result. At one school with 40 students they have 400 companies every year lining up to employ the students 6 months before graduation. Some of those companies with graduates now managers that know the skill of the students

 Not only do the companies know the skill level, but the students’ self-esteem is very high. They “did it”.

 The teaching was traditional but with exercises and debates for every topic covered. As mentioned the students in groups of 4-5 had to launch a product or services overseas for a company they selected and the company had to supply all background material for the students.

 Sometimes the companies preferred a country or region, or they let the students evaluate the best choice.

 Most classes had students with different cultures and country backgrounds that did, of course, broaden the knowledge of culture and country information. But it also created turbulence in their stressed work together, because of their cultural background. They had to learn how to adapt to this.

 Why mention all of this. Today with all technology we could create live on-line learning, teacher-guided but with students physically living in different countries.

 We could have a live presentation and discussion at the same time

In Toronto, 8.a.m, 2 p.m. in Hamburg, 5 a.m. in Los Angeles and 8 p.m. in Bangkok.

 If we work internationally, we also must learn to work in other countries time zones

 So why am I releasing this article?

 I am looking for a dean or president of colleges and universities that are open-minded and willing to try something new. An international Business Course with Students living in multiple countries and allowing reaching real hands-on international business.

 It is time to try something new. For the students it will be a new learning experience, learning from a global platform but also having students in “class” that lives in different countries. Students in Bangkok help the students in Toronto launch a product and service in Thailand and Students in Hamburg get assistance launching a product in the USA, with the aid of their Los Angeles students. 

 So, is there a college or university interested in launching a new teaching platform? My idea is that the base can be anywhere in the world

 If you have a dean/president and a team of teachers that is open-minded and is willing to try something new, have your dean /president contact me. Include in the What Topic field: “Global base International Business and we can discuss the next steps.”

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Looking forward to hearing from you  Leif Holmvall, President, Export Pro Inc.

Leif Holmvall, President
Export Pro Inc.

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