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Legal questions

Chapter # 11 : Legalities in International Business

Q: Do I need to sign a contract with my foreign distributor?

A: It is recommended that you specify in writing what you have agreed upon.

  • Perhaps you thought you had an agreement, but there was a misunderstanding due to language. Formally confirm what you have negotiated will avoid misunderstandings.
  • The people who originally signed the agreement may have left the company. How do you prove what they agreed to if you have nothing in writing? 
  • In some countries, it is very dangerous not to have a contract. If you want to cancel your agreement it can be very costly if you don’t hold a document specifying the terms

Q:   Should I use my lawyer or a foreign lawyer to create the contract?

A: You can always use your domestic lawyer to set out the main content in a contract. However, legislation differs from country to country and they likely would not be aware of local requirements. Have a lawyer in the foreign country provide advice and adapt the contract to the local rules and business culture.

Q: How do I treat a trademark in a foreign country?

A: Register your trademark also in the foreign country. If your foreign partner will be allowed to use your trademark, register a license allowing them to use it. Make sure that it allows you to cancel the agreement when you no longer do business with that foreign partner.

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