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Selecting Markets

Chapter # 4 : Market Analysis

Q: As a new exporter how do I select a market?

A: You first have to ask yourself a few questions.  How fast do you want a return on your investment in the new market? Do you want to achieve quickly or are you willing to wait for a long-term result?  What kind of markets will your products fit into? 
Geographical distances are not so important. The “mental” distance is more critical. Select a country where the way of doing business is similar to your domestic market.  Make sure the market is expanding because this allows your business to grow.
Q: How do I select markets for the long term?

A: Look for markets with potential for expansion, where your products will fit in and where you can achieve long-term results. Where they are in their development – do they use shovels or computerized equipment? You may have to wait until they are ready for your products. If you are selling telecommunication equipment, look at countries with a low percentage of phone users, but where you know they plan to expand their telecommunications system. China is one example, India is another.  

Leif Holmvall, President
Export Pro Inc.

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