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Chapter # 2 : Why International Business

Why International Business, Export & Import Winning in the Global Marketplace, – A practical hands-on guide to success in international business, with exercises + 100s of real -world examples. This is a short synopsis from the chapter Why International Business. It describes why you have to become more international and enter new markets and what to do to succeed. The market is global an opportunity both for you and your competitors. International business is not only export. It is also import, licensing, joint venture and strategic alliances. There are large differences between domestic and international marketing. You have to adapt to this. The global population and labour force is changing with more people in the middle class. Those are your future customers. You can increase your sales and product life cycle by expanding to new but also less developed markets and increase your profitability considerably. Anyone can conduct international business. You need just common sense, right attitude, willingness to adapt and a good teamwork.