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Chapter # 3 : Practicalities, Culture in the Int’l Busines

Practicalities and Culture in International Business. Export & Import Winning in the Global Marketplace, – A practical hands-on guide to success in international business, with exercises + 100s of real -world examples. This is a short synopsis from the chapter; Practicalities and Culture in International Business. It describes the importance of understanding foreign cultures and adapting to the client’s way of conducting business. It exemplifies many of those practical issues to consider when conducting international business like communication, commitment, preparation, testing products and building a relationship It gives suggestions on topics like preparation for the foreign trip, gift giving, using and selecting the right title and how to adapt business cards to the foreign country. It explains the importance of understanding how to greet people and even describes countries where bribing is common. Anyone can conduct international business. You need just common sense, right attitude, willingness to adapt and a good teamwork.