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How To Do Business in a Country, Including Culture and Language

Economist. Go to this page and type in the country (search audio and video) e.g., Spain or the city Tokyo and you will have an array of videos and audios describing the places and how to do business there. Or click on Audio on the left side and click on “doing business in”.

New yyy  and  and  Search for information.

Lex Mundi – Guides to Doing Business

Aspects of doing business in different countries. Information on doing business in different countries.

Gift giving
Search Google “gift-giving in business”


Women in International Business

A travel magazine for women, the website is a good source of information, what to wear in different countries and travel tips. 

An international friendship and travel network for women 

Her Own Way: A Woman’s Guide to Safe and Successful Travel, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Global_Competitiveness_Reports/Reports/gender_gap.pdf. This report from the World Economic Forum reports on the global gender gap. Sweden and Norway are at the top of the list with respect to women’s empowerment. China ranks 33, India ranks 53 and Turkey and Egypt are at 57 and 58 of the fifty-eight countries listed.


Seating diagrams on aircrafts.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list global destinations and travel health information.