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Miscellaneous sources

Currencies and Transfer of Money

Oanda – currencies and historic info in most currencies.

XE net – a currency converter

The Economist magazine
uses a Big Mac Index as a comparison between the cost of a hamburger in the United States and purchasing power of various world currencies. To see the most recent version, use the Internet and search for “Big Mac index” or go to:

Information to transfer of money.

Aid organisations. You can find some of them at:

World Federation of Trading House Associations (WFTA)

Risks and Export Insurance (look at the JOLIS library catalog)

Export Development Corporation. EDC insures your export invoices, including political risks.
A similar organization exists in Sweden.

Exportkreditnämnden.  Most countries have similar organizations. The insurance can be taken on continuous business as well as single orders. Look at country list.

For organizations in other countries see:

Trade treaties.

Trade shows