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Trading Blocs, International Organizations, and Bilateral Agreements

Bilateral agreements

Trading blocs

ACP, African, Caribbean, and Pacific States  

ACS.Association of Caribbean States

AFTA Asean Free Trade Area. 10 countries.

(ALADI)  Latin American Integration Association.

Anzerta (CER) Australian New Zeeland Closer Economic Agreement. The new name is CER.

APEC, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

APTA Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement.

ARF,  Asean Regional Forum.

ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

AU. African Union.

CACM.  Central American Common Market.

CAN Andean community.  yyy new

Caricom, Caribbean Community.

CEFTA, Central European Free Trade Agreement.

CEMAC Economic and Monetary Community of Central.

CIS Commonwealth of Independent states.  

COMESA, Common market for eastern and southern Africa.

DR-CAFTA , Dominican Republic – Central America Free Trade Agreement.

EAC, East African Community.

EAEC Eurasian Economic Community.

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ECO, Economic Cooperation Organization.

ECOWASN, Economic Community if West African States.

EFTA the European Free Trade Association.

EU, European Union.

FTAA, Free Trade of the Americas.

GCC Gulf Cooperation Council.

GAFTA, Greater Arab Free Trade Area.    NEW yyy

GSP, Generalised System of Preferences.

GSTP General System of Trade Preferences among Developing countries.

LAIA, Latin American Integration Association.

Magreb, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

MERCOSUR   new yyy

NAFTA North America Free Trade Agreement.

OAS, Organization of American States.

Pacific Community.

SAAC, South Asian Association for regional cooperation.

(SACU) Southern African Customs Union.

SADC. Southern Africa Development Community. 

SAFTA, South Asian Association Free Trade Agreement. New YYY

SPARTECA South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement.

WAEMU, West African Economic and Monetary Union. 

UEMOA Union Econmique et Monetaire Quest Africaine.

UMA, Arab Maghreb Union.   new yyy

Other International Organisations of Interest

ADB. Asian Development Bank

AFDB. African Development Bank

EBRD. European Bank for reconstruction and Development.

G8. (Group Eight).

IATA. International Air Transport Association

IBRD. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. It is part of the World Bank.
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ICC. International Chamber of commerce

IFC. International Finance Corporation. Part of World Bank to stimulate investments in developing countries.

IMF. International Monetary Fund

ISO. International Organization for Standardization

OECD. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

OPEC. Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries

UN. United Nation

UNCTAD. United Nation’s Conference on Trade and Development is UN’s organization for trade and investment.   new yyy

World Customs Organization.

WTCA. World Trade Centers Association World Trade Organisation (Former GATT)