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What is the difference between international and domestic business?

 Here are some key differences:

  • New marketing environments will require you to change your standard marketing techniques
  • As an exporter, you will be influenced by customs duties, local rules (written and unwritten) and laws
  • Unfamiliar languages and ways of communicating or sharing information will be challenge at first
  • Responding appropriately to different cultures and religions may require that individuals and companies understand new norms and values and unfamiliar traditions and ways of living
  • A variety of currencies and methods of payment, different business ethics overseas.
  • Knowledge levels and availability of information will vary from country to country
  • Longer transportation routes, rules for transport and other forms of packaging must be used
  • A range of shipping environments and climates will affect your products
  • You will need to tailor a variety of competitive strategies and the way products are sold to the new markets
  • Differences in technical development, consumer demands, educational levels, sales locations require a flexible approach