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Gene J. Malvino Professor (retired) Int’l. Business and Marketing


I have taught higher education international business and marketing courses for over 21 years. During this time I have used or reviewed numerous texts for several levels of instruction in international business, marketing, export/import and international negotiations. Most of the texts used in colleges and universities today tend to be academic, theoretical and can cost a student upwards of $200.

There is a vast need for export/import texts and ancillary teaching materials to satisfy the needs of corporate/executive training, seminar/workshop, community college, small business development and international trade center markets, as well as the university level.

In my professional opinion, I believe that, in its class and price range, Export & Import: Winning in the Global Marketplace by Leif Holmvall is the best book on today’s export/import book market. It is far superior to export/import books produced by government agencies, other authors and publishers.

The major strengths of this text (and soon to be available teacher’s handbook, Power Point presentations, group work exercises and exams) is its clarity, conciseness, ease of reading, excellent illustrations and graphics, practical hands-on approach, supported by real world examples. This book will serve both the beginner and the seasoned export/importer as a valuable, comprehensive, text and reference guide. This book reflects the world-wide experience and entrepreneurship of the author as a successful practitioner and not that of merely a theoretician.

Gene J. Malvino
Professor (retired) International Business and Marketing,
Small Business Development and International Trade Center Export Business Coach