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Michelle Champagne, B.A.A. International Commerce

My evaluation of the book, Export & Import, Winning in the Global Marketplace, by Leif Holmvall Relevance

  • Near perfect. Covers everything heard, mentioned, learned in class or never been heard or thought of (by newcomers like me).
  • Well divided. One can read from beginning to end or choose a specific topic of interest without confusion.


  • Addressed commonly made mistakes and/or misconceptions.
  • Asking questions triggers attention and somehow makes the point easier to understand.
  • The step-by-step procedures and checklists are crystal clear and empower the reader who feels he can start something and get somewhere.
  • Highly motivating. The quotations crack a smile and leave the readers with a feeling of shared common sense.
  • Appreciated the grids to be made in order to evaluate a given situation. Example, page 252, giving discounts, shows in black and white the impact. Easy to reproduce with one’s personal situation.
  • Examples – diversified, detailed, from the real world, illustrating the point being studied.
  • The glossary and especially the links to the web are gems.
  • Language used was easy to understand
  • Clear, right to the point, keeps the reader on their toes about what’s next?


  • This book gave me a deeper insight of everyday international commerce.
  • All by itself, it offers numerous tools easily applicable to different situations. Instead of remaining bewildered and with a blurred conception of what could be done, I feel I could build something and would constantly be referring to its pages as my project would advance.
  • This book offers a strong dose of reality, I would wish to be drilled and push forward, toward excellence.
  • I perceived this book as a form of written mentorship. It does surpasses 2 others books (although they did have strong points) that I read on the same topics.

Michelle Champagne, B.A.A. International Commerce
Bachelor degree student, Canada