The Creator of the innovative Export Master® program

Mike Gomez, President, Allegro Consulting

I help international companies succeed in the United States. I have been doing this as a consultant for over 10 years. Before that, like the author Leif Holmvall, I traveled the world for 12 years as an international salesman. I share this with you so you have some idea of the qualifications I posses to make this recommendation. Simply put, Leif has succeeded where academia and government organizations (Small Business Administration, etc…) have failed in creating the first useful, practical, easy to digest guide for taking your private business global.

To Business Owners Everywhere: If you read this book, plan as he says, engage local experts to use as a sounding board and to advise where needed, and then fully commit your company to this endeavor YOU WILL SUCCEED. More than that you and your company will grow not only from increased international sales but also from the agility and product innovation that comes from competing in a broader world market.

I highly recommend this book be read cover to cover and then kept readily accessible in your company’s business library as a resource to continually guide you through the global expansion process.

Mike Gomez,
President, Allegro Consulting