The Creator of the innovative Export Master® program

Peter Warburton, International Sales & Business Development

Excellent value for money, solid practical advice and checklists to start exporting your company’s products and services overseas, while avoiding the most common mistakes.

As a longtime international sales and business development manager at various companies, I heard about this book only recently on a LinkedIn group. Canadian companies seem reluctant or fearful of exporting (other than to the USA) and end up with all their revenue stream ‘eggs’ in one vulnerable basket.

Export & Import shows you why you should export and then gives you a clear set of actions and checklists to identify suitable export markets, find distributors and dealers, price your product correctly and make better margins than you do in your domestic market.

It also shows you the pitfalls in dealing with different cultures and timezones and helps you avoid them. This is not some academic “market penetration strategy”, it is a solid set of common-sense actions to successfully export (and import) backed up with lots of examples and stories from the author’s war chest of experience. It’s a cheap way to learn from other people’s mistakes.

I would like to see more detail on things like INCO terms, letters of credit and the new US (and Canadian) Foreign Corrupt Practices Acts but there are plenty of pointers to information on the web for everything from country profiles to market analysis and much more.

It’s a very readable ‘What they didn’t teach you at business school about Exporting’ book. I like it.

Peter Warburton,
International Sales & Business Development, Canada