The Creator of the innovative Export Master® program

The Owner

Leif Holmvall, President and Owner of Export Pro Inc.

Leif is an engineer with marketing, manufacturing, and management education and with more than 50 year’s experience conducting International Business in more than 100 countries. He has lived and worked in both Europe and North America.

Among his many experiences includes being an executive for two Swedish companies 1970 -1978 in charge of their international business in more than 100 countries. He served as Swedish Trade Commissioner to Canada 1978-1982 (Sweden borrows executives for four years to run their fee -based services) and has operated his own consulting companies in Canada since 1982. More than 200 companies have ‘gone global’, using his expertise.

He has served as a director on numerous boards of companies and associations both in Europe and North America.

Leif is a popular guest speaker at universities, business schools, and corporations in North America and Europe. He developed the EXPORT MASTER® program comprised of lectures, practical work, and tailored advice, to transform individuals and groups within a company into more knowledgeable, productive teams. Over 5,000 industry representatives, students, and government officials have benefited from his down-to-earth, interactive, and engaging seminars and workshops.

He is a bestselling author of 10 highly acclaimed books on international business and economy. His recent text, Import & Export: Winning in the Global Marketplace, the companion Instructors’ Handbook, and free video seminars are used by educators and business people around the world.  His e-book less than $10.

Leif has real-world hands-on experience and is known for his ability to discuss not only each company’s activities but also to give detailed information on country-specific issues. His presentations, based on his many years of experience, are down-to-earth, interactive, educational, and refreshing.