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Executive Export Seminar

Export Master® Executive Export Seminar

International business for executives: A 24 hour workshop

Is it really possible to move you and your internationally expanding company ahead by many months in only 24 hours? Yes. We say it is!

This workshop is recommended for executives who are willing to spend 24 intensive hours in a focused but relaxing environment together with other like-minded executives with similar goals. We are targeting those of you who are working on introducing and/or enhancing your products or services in foreign markets.


Today’s executives are very busy. Return on their investment of time is important. As executives, they profit from networking other people in similar positions. World markets are in a state of continuous change. Executives must keep updated with the latest and most efficient tools to succeed in foreign markets.

Investment in a seminar or workshop has to deliver:

  1. Direct return on investment of time with strategies that can be implemented immediately;
  2. Practical experience with case studies applicable to any company, highlighting real-life examples and problem-solving;
  3. Reference material that can be used in the future;
  4. New ideas for innovative decision-making;
  5. Checklists that can be used on a daily basis;
  6. Exchange of ideas and experiences with colleagues;
  7. Short timeframe with intensive work.


This challenging program is designed for executives who are willing to spend two days (24 hours) to refresh and improve their international business knowledge. Together with 10 – 20 other (non-competing) executives, they will prepare reports and plans for developing their subsidiaries and representatives. This program will also work for a single corporation, however in that case a broad number of representatives have to be present)

The Export MasterÒ program is designed for executive groups from all product and service sectors committed to establishing or increasing their international presence.  Participants will learn and gain insights both from the concepts introduced by the instructor and from the issues of other participants in the program, many of them from industries different from their own.

The course is an intensive 24-hour program that will culminate in participants leaving with specific and actionable plans, ideas, and checklists that they can implement immediately when they return to work the next business day.

Target Audience

The class size should ideally be 12 to 20, which will be further divided into smaller units of three to five for group work purposes.  The participants should hold executive or middle management positions within their respective organisations, so that they have the authority to implement the plans with which they will return to their companies. (This workshop also works for individual companies that want a broad range of staff involved)

The course fee reflects the quality of instruction the executives receive, along with the return their companies should get from acting upon the plans and knowledge they obtain in the course. 


The success of this session is dependent on the participants’ willingness to depart from old ideas and test new views and solutions.

The Course

The first part of the program is dedicated to:

  • Refreshing participants’ knowledge of the important keys to doing international business;
  • Updating awareness of current and future trends in international business;
  • Moving thought patterns outside traditional thinking; and,
  • Exploring new ideas for international commerce. 

Numerous real-world examples will be used. The primary activity will focus on working on examples taken from participants’ companies, their respective products and services and how they can positively impact their export sales by implementing what they learn during the course.

Export Pro Inc. will provide the following for course participants’ use before, during, and after the seminar:

  1. A program outline prior to their arrival to ensure that participants are prepared in advance for the seminar
  2. Seminar working material
  3. Group assignments
  4. “How to” guides to ensure that participants are prepared to tackle future situations independently
  5. It is suggested the participants before the workshop read: Export & Import – Winning in the Global Marketplace, A practical hands-on guide to success in international business, with exercises + 100s of real-world examples. ISBN 978-0-9681148-1-0. This will mean the participants are more up to speed and we can have higher pace at the workshop. Visit our website and look inside the book.

The following skills will be strengthened:

  • Thinking clearly and laterally about the opportunities and challenges they face
  • Correctly identifying the real decision-makers and the influencers in their export sales situations
  • Searching for, evaluating and selecting international distributors
  • Identifying competitive advantages
  • Evaluating the competition
  • Developing international representatives

Topics to be covered:

  • The Five Keys to Successful Exporting
  • Current and future export markets and products
  • Working and thinking internationally
  • Evaluating, selecting, and activating international distributors and representatives
  • Setting and achieving the goals of each participant’s company
  • Knowing and surpassing the expectations of international business partners
  • Modern tools of effective international marketing

Questions to be addressed during group work:

  • Who is the customer?
  • Who are the decision-makers and what do we offer them?
  • Are there external influences that have an impact on my decisions?
  • How does my price and choice of distribution influence my chance of success?
  • How do I find the right representative?  What are my choices and how do I pick the right one?
  • How do I prepare myself and position my company?
  • How do I develop and motivate my distributors and their staff and salespeople?
  • What do I need to do in order to enhance the effectiveness of my sales staff?
  • What is needed for my company to adapt and introduce these new ideas to the rest of my staff members?

Seminar Process

Participants will be assigned to one of 4 syndicate groups. Each group will be assigned a case study from one of the participating companies for discussion, brainstorming, problem-solving and planning. Groups will prepare and deliver a professional presentation to the larger group on Day 2. There will also be opportunity for individual consultations with the seminar leader.

Orientation meeting

A pre-program meeting will be held about a month before the session to inform participants about program scheduling, content, process and expected outcomes, identify which companies’ cases studies will be selected for the workshop and decide on membership of the four working groups for assignment of case studies.

The groups are to meet informally before the scheduled seminar, to be briefed on the background of each company to be studied and learn about the products to be launched on the selected international market.


12 noonLunch and introductions to the instructor, seminar aides and other participants
1:00Introduction of the course by the instructor, and introduction by each participant of their respective companies and specific objectives
1:30The five keys for successful exporting: Prerequisites for export success
2:30Health Break
3:00Identifying the roles of participants and their international representatives
 Finding the right representatives Pricing Distribution channels Profitability – ours, and our representatives’ Marketing Decision-makers and influencers Relationships Communications
5:30Working dinner and open discussion
7:00Introduction of group work from attending companies, customised by the facilitator/instructor for participants’ specific situations Analysing customers, evaluating the people and organisations that influence them, selecting appropriate distribution channelsDeveloping and producing the tools needed to activate existing or new distributors and customers Developing an action plan for existing or new representatives as well as a plan to implement the ideas within each own company.
8:00Syndicate groups will work on the assigned case studies under the supervision of the instructor to produce operational plans and identify the critical success factors for each participant’s respective markets and products.
11:00Short break for refreshments
MidnightWork day ends whenever participants decide they have accomplished their work goals


8:00Syndicate groups finalize materials for presentation
9:00Presentation and discussion of results, conclusions, and plans generated from group work
10:45Coffee served in main seminar room
11:00Modern market research. Using online databases in international marketing
11:15Presentation on current and future trends in international marketing, including a discussion of trading blocs.  A study of what may happen in the future and the effect it will have on the participants’ companies.
11:30Closing comment: Instructor summary of recommendations for further activities. Review of issues covered and new ideas identified. Overview of individual objectives for implementing lessons learned upon return to work. Checklist for analysing future opportunities.
12:00Working lunch and roundtable discussions. Summary of key findings and problem solving relating to participant’s business issues, strategic plans and decisions for change.
1:30Seminar concludes
 Individual discussions with seminar leader

This is only example of many of our programs. Contact us and we tailor-make a program for you. We also conduct those seminars and workshops in Swedish. Visit our website for more programs or ask us to cutomize you a program.

The Seminar Leader

Leif Holmvall: Owner, Export Pro Inc.

Leif has more than 40 years’ experience in International Business in more than 100 countries. He has lived and worked in both Europe and North America and gained his experience as an executive of several Swedish companies covering a broad range of industries. Leif served as Swedish Trade Commissioner to Canada.  He has operated his own consulting companies since 1982, assisting foreign companies to do international business. Leif also teaches at international universities and conducts seminars for executives in Europe. Leif is an engineer with numerous degrees and professional credentials in international marketing.

Most of his companies’ work is with overseas clients. Part of the business includes acting as an agent or representative for foreign companies to set up distribution channels, select and activate distributors. His clients include companies in North America, Europe and Asia.

Leif has real-world hands-on experience and is known for his ability to discuss not only each company’s activities but also to give detailed information on country-specific issues. His presentations, based on his many years of experience, are down-to-earth, interactive, educational and refreshing.  He is the author of many books on international business and is a popular guest speaker at universities, business schools and corporations in North America and Europe. Over 5,000 company representatives and individuals have attended his seminars and workshops and over 200 companies have established international business using his expertise.

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