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Export and International Business Today and Tomorrow

Export Master® Export and International Business Today and Tomorrow

New markets, new possibilities, new tools

Today’s and tomorrow’s markets

Every market is unique and offers both possibilities and limitations. In order to be successful in a market, it takes knowledge of how to do business in the country, and familiarity with its characteristics and requirements. The market is in a continuous change with new opportunities and threats. Your success is based on how you can cope with those

Who should attend?

Decision-makers focused on tomorrow’s export activities. The program is suitable for those involved or wanting to get involved in international business. It also is relevant for municipal and other government representatives and agency staff interested in becoming more focused on the international market.

This short (afternoon or evening) seminar highlights the skills and knowledge needed to expand in fast growing world markets, using real-world examples and interactive demonstrations. During the session, we will provide you with information on what is required to succeed on the global market,today’s and tomorrow’s products/markets and how you can maximize results such as sales, return on investment, etc.

5.30 p.m.      Introductions

Program overview

5.45 p.m.      Why exporting and international business

  • Pros and Cons
  • Exporting: yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Influences on research and development and cash flow
  • Expanding product lines
  • Representing other companies on your domestic market
  • Increasing profits and profitability
  • New ideas for products and market segments
  • The impact of markets and consumers

6.15 p.m.      Some recipes for successful exporting

  • What is required to succeed on the international market
  • The differences between domestic and international business
  • Examples from around the world

7 p.m.          Distribution, pricing and payments in a changing market,

  • Examples and considerations

7.45 p.m.      Seminar summary

8.15 p.m.      Discussion, networking and response to participant questions

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Leif Holmvall, Owner and President of Export Pro Inc.

Leif has more than 40 years experience in International Business in more than 100 countries. He has lived and worked in both Europe and North America. He gained his experience as an executive of several Swedish companies, covering a broad range of industries, and as Swedish Trade Commissioner to Canada.  He has operated his own consulting businesses since 1982, coaching foreign companies to become successful in international business. Leif also teach at international universities and conducts seminars for executives in Europe.

Most of Leif’s business is with overseas clients. His portfolio includes acting as an agent or representative for foreign companies to set up distribution, select distributors and activate them. His clients today include companies in North America, Europe and Asia.

Leif has real hands-on experience, and is known for his ability to discuss not only each company’s activities but also to give detailed answers on country-specific questions. His presentations are down-to-earth, interactive, refreshing and based on his many years of practical experience.  He is the author of many books on international business (visit the website and a popular guest speaker at universities, business schools and corporations in North America and Europe. Over 5,000 company representatives and individuals have attended his seminars and workshops and over 200 companies have expanded into international business using his expertise.

Leif is an engineer with numerous degrees and credentials in international marketing.

For more information about his company, visit the web site .

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